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Videohive - Big Titles Pace Promotion 41431831
Videohive - Big Titles Pace Promotion 41431831 AEP | 640 KB
You want to create trendy motivation openers in strong typo style, fast intro or claps reel? Then – use a Big Titles Pace Promotion template! You need to produce a professional smart and stylish opener, typographical promo or title greetings? That project will help you! Also suitable for making fashion promo, protest meetings, political rallies or events in stomper and strong style. Make a dynamic and energetic typographic intro or opener with a stomp rhythm and original motion design style for your meet or event in a few minutes!!! Big Titles Pace Promotion is an easily editable template, has full color control in a few clicks, universal expression will help you use any language of After Effects Software. PDF file with help included. Just drop your image or video, edit the text, add audio and enjoy the result!
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