Complete Modular Environments In Unreal Engine 5
Published 7/2022
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Create Modular Environments in Unreal Engine 5, Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer.

What you'll learn
Make Modular Environments
Create Tiling Geometry and Material
Creating Lighting For Game Environments
Create AAA Props
I expect you to have some sort of basic software experience, in Unreal Engine 5, Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer.
Do you want to learn about Modularity in Environment Art?Then I welcome you to Nexttut education's Complete Modular Environments in Unreal Engine 5 course.WHY SHOULD YOU LEARN FROM ME:My name is Arash and I have been a 3D character artist for games for some time now. I have a background in teaching Game-Art related content and I feel confident that you are going to learn a lot from this course.By the end of this course:● You will have the knowledge to create Modular Environments● You will be able to create a decent game environmentWHAT WILL I LEARN:● Modular Theory and Systems● Creating Tiling materials and variations● Working in UE5 to create game environments● Creating Second UV masks to add more detail in materialsCOURSE PROJECTS:We will start by talking about modularity theory and its benefits and disadvantages, and offer some solutions to cure some problems. Then start working on the planning stage to make sure that we have a strong ground to stand on top of. Then we create the block-out to make sure that our ideas are correct, then start to add iteration on top of iteration to finalize the environment. In the way, we will learn about tiling geometry, tiling materials, displacing simple geometry to create complex details, creating good-looking materials, lighting and many more.IS THIS COURSE RIGHT FOR ME:● This course is for students who know something about environment art and want to learn more new techniques● The course is also for artists who want to speed up their workflow in Modular Environment Creation for Games and improve their skill in making good-looking yet. Performant levels.WHO IS NOT THE IDEAL STUDENT:This course is not designed for 3D beginnersWHAT SHOULD I KNOW OR HAVE FOR THE COURSE:I expect you to have some sort of basic software experience, in Unreal Engine 5, Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer.JOIN ME NOW:So if you want to make Modular Environments for Games, then join me now, and take your skills to the next level. Don't forget that investing in yourself will pay for the rest of your life. Hope to see you in the course.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Download Project Files
Lecture 3 What Is Modularity
Lecture 4 The Planning Stage
Lecture 5 The Blockout Phase
Lecture 6 Some Bolckout Techniques
Section 2: Chapter 2 - The Blockout
Lecture 7 Blockout The Residential
Lecture 8 Residential In Unreal Engine
Lecture 9 Finishing The Residential
Lecture 10 Blockout The Museum
Lecture 11 Export Museum Kit To UE5
Lecture 12 Finishing The Buildings
Lecture 13 Finishing The Blockout
Section 3: Chapter 3 - Creating AAA Art _ First Iteration
Lecture 14 Fixing Some Problems
Lecture 15 Substance 3D Designer
Lecture 16 Brick Mat Big Shapes
Lecture 17 Brick Mat Surface Carving
Lecture 18 Brick Mat Finalize Height
Lecture 19 Brick Mat Base Color Big
Lecture 20 Brick Mat Base Color Medium
Lecture 21 Brick Mat Roughness
Lecture 22 Brick Kit Modularity
Lecture 23 Brick Kit In UE5
Lecture 24 Roof Kit Base In Blender
Lecture 25 Bake The Roof In Substance
Lecture 26 Roof Mat Height
Lecture 27 Roof Mat Base Color
Lecture 28 Roof Mat Roughness
Lecture 29 Roof Kit In Creation
Lecture 30 Alter The Red Brick Mat
Lecture 31 Create The Alley Kit
Lecture 32 Concrete Mat Big Shapes
Lecture 33 Concrete Mat Surface Damage
Lecture 34 Concrete Mat Colors Big
Lecture 35 Concrete Mat Roughness
Lecture 36 Museum Kit Finished
Lecture 37 Intro To Zbrush
Lecture 38 Sculpt Tiles In Zbrush
Lecture 39 Substance 3D Designer Bake
Lecture 40 Testing Patterns In SD
Lecture 41 Street Mat Height
Lecture 42 Finalizing Steet Mat
Lecture 43 Finishing Sidewalk Kit
Lecture 44 Finalizing First Iteration
Section 4: Chapter 4 - Creating AAA Art _ Second Iteration
Lecture 45 Some Quick Words
Lecture 46 Pillar Sculpt In Zbrush
Lecture 47 Finalizing Brick Pillars
Lecture 48 Ornaments For Moulding
Lecture 49 Baking Ornaments In SD
Lecture 50 Preparation For Workflow
Lecture 51 Residential Trimsheet
Lecture 52 Museum Trimsheet
Lecture 53 Baking Trimsheets
Lecture 54 Texture And Export Trims
Lecture 55 Quick Fix To Trimsheets
Lecture 56 Shape Breakers
Lecture 57 Pillar Caps Blockout
Lecture 58 Pillar Caps Sculpt
Lecture 59 Unwrapping Caps And Guards
Lecture 60 Baking Caps And Guards
Lecture 61 Texturing Caps And Guards
Lecture 62 Blockout The Museum Pillars
Lecture 63 Circular Pillar Caps
Lecture 64 Finalizing Caps Bockout
Lecture 65 Sculpting Museum Pieces
Lecture 66 Sculpting Museum Pillars
Lecture 67 LowPoly Pillars
Lecture 68 The Prefab System
Lecture 69 Unwrapping Museum Pillars
Lecture 70 Bake And Texture Museum Kit
Lecture 71 Testing The Progress In UE5
Lecture 72 Prefab For Windows
Lecture 73 Residential Window Blockout
Lecture 74 Baking The Windows
Lecture 75 Making Residential Windows
Lecture 76 Making Museum Windows
Lecture 77 Attic Window Blockout
Lecture 78 Residential Door BlockOut
Lecture 79 Finalized Residential Door
Lecture 80 Finalizing Residential Kit
Lecture 81 Museum Windows Blockout
Lecture 82 Finalizing The Geometry
Lecture 83 Unwrapping Shop Window
Lecture 84 Baking Shop Window
Lecture 85 Baking Museum Doors
Lecture 86 Texture Residential Special
Lecture 87 Texture Museum Specials
Section 5: Chapter 5 - Material Creation And Lighting
Lecture 88 Material Functions
Lecture 89 Base Color Controls
Lecture 90 All Of Material Controls
Lecture 91 Vertex Blending
Lecture 92 Residential Second UV RGB
Lecture 93 Finish Residential Building
Lecture 94 Museum Second UV RGB
Lecture 95 Using Vertex Color
Lecture 96 Finishing The Vertex Paint
Lecture 97 Some Scene Corrections
Lecture 98 Lighting And Post Process
Lecture 99 Camera Placement
Section 6: Conclusion
Lecture 100 Thank you
Lecture 101 Bonus Lecture
● This course is for students who know something about environment art and want to learn more new techniques


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